We at Kaph are aware that we only have one planet. It’s the thing that brings us our coffee, our food, our water, our friends and our lives.
We are aware of the impact humanity has on the planet, and we’re determined to make ours as low as possible.
A coffee shop typically has a good bit of waste, especially a few years ago, where the scourge of single use was everywhere.
One of our first steps to limit our waste was to start stocking Keep Cups and to reward customers who has a reusable cup by offering a discount.Our branded Keep Cup
In November 2017, we were able to switch to completely compostable takeaway cups, which we still proudly use today (just different artwork). Following from that, we were determined to rid ourselves of single-use plastic and go either recyclable, but preferably compostable.
Fully compostable, totally out of this world
As of May 2019, we are proud to say that everything we use for coffee- from the straws to the ice coffee cups- is completely compostable, or recyclable in the case of cold brew.
We know we still have work to do, but we try to make a difference one coffee at a time.